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WELCOME TO ROSSTIFARIA MY FRIENDS! I believe you are either here to be an awesome Rosstifarian or to start trollin' so if your a troll I'll make your head implode right now by saying "Hater's gonna hate" blown up yet? Alrighty lets begin :D This is the official wiki for Rossism, the best religion in the whole freaking world! Let loose, have fun, and chase some damn pidgeons!

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So, I was sitting in R.E one day, and all my friends we're having a blast talking and laughing, when out of the blue I said "THERE IS NO GOD!" which was responded to by one of the founders of Rossism. This person then exclaimed, "Ross, babes! Your a God man!" and I was like "WOAH! OK so lets think, what can I name my religion?" and some other person was all like, "ROSSISM!" This person was another founder! And after a long hard laugh in the room, I responded with the phrase that sealed the deal, "ROSSTIFARIANS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!" and Rossism was born! Also inspired by Josh Wilson, in the year 2000bc, when the ocean met the sand. Josh Wilson was born, thunder struck rainbows. Sun touched the earth. All these elements created something beautiful, and powerfull. Josh Wilson. Son of Tranquility


Toby Christ

The Four Riders of the Rosspocalypse




The Virgin Georgia

The Fallen Angel

Lucy: Queen of Pretzopolis

Sam The Gentleman

Hannah of the Charred Council

The Man With Many Names

The Racist Ball Of Fun

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